Andrius Maiminas
Art Director

Born on 18 July 1957 in Vilnius

Graduated from the Economics faculty of Moscow state University.M.In.University,

the Faculty of Social professions at the Moscow state University (special course A. V. Eforce)

Worked as a Director of Druzhba of Moscow state University (1987) and promoted with 0 Cultural centre of HSE (2010 - 64 events per month, 27 creative teams)

1999 – 2007 associate Professor, Deputy head.the chair pantomime and plastic culture theatre in aprikt under the leadership of I. G. Rutberg

1987-1991 - instructor of the Department of culture of trade unions. The control of financing of Amateur performances of the Soviet Union. The formulation of job descriptions of employees. Organization and holding festivals and competitions. Check the activity of the administrative apparatus in the territories. Analysis and decision making in conflict situations. Administrator, assistant Director of concerts in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, the concert hall "Russia".

1972-1986 - (part-time) administrator of the Division of mass transfers of the Youth edition of the Central television of the USSR (And, come on, girl!; Oh, come on, guys!; Test yourself; heartily; What? Where? When?).

Engaged in pantomime and plastic culture of the body: 1968 – independently, since 1974 - a team, and from 1980 to 1996 - head of the Studio of a pantomime "Contour" Palace of culture "Lenin hills" of Moscow state University.M.In.University.

Created more than 50 performances and plastic songs in pantomime, original genre, dance, television. Set of 3 plastic play.

the original method on physical training of the actors, the plastic solution stage physical education in General. This technique was developed in 1978 and approved in his Studio work, seminars, master classes, private lessons on plastic arts, image and style. Have experience of working with actors, dancers, artists of the original genre, artists, schedules, sculptors, singers, athletes. By this technique included sessions with more than 1,000 people in the country and abroad.

Performance: across the country, from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk and from Severomorsk to Koski. Abroad: Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Spain.

member of the Moscow Union of artists (industrial graphics). Established more than 80 trademarks for various organizations, developing corporate identity, constantly execute orders on the design printing and presentation products. Completed 7 projects of interior decoration in apartments and offices. Participated in over 10 exhibitions.

Over 10 years in the sport: member of the national team on jumps on a trampoline.

In MDT under the direction of Fame Stepanian since 2003 – Teacher of stage movement, theatre Director (2004-2007), the creation of the light of the scores of performances and installation sheets views, photos and video of performances and shows, with 2012 – Art-Director.


Set design: - "8 women, man without ... happiness!" (on the play of R. Toma "8 loving women")

The Production of plastic:

- "picnic" (panic is absurd based on the play by F. Arrabal)

– "Hey, anyone!..." (psychological drama based on the eponymous play by William Saroyan)


– "Hey, anyone!..." (psychological drama based on the eponymous play by William Saroyan)

- "8 women, man without ... happiness!" (on the play of R. Toma "8 loving women")

- "don't hurt my man" ( the plastic composition about the works of L. Yengibarov)


- "picnic" (panic is absurd based on the play by F. Arrabal). General


Diploma, the Winner of competitions and festivals of folk art and Cultural program of the Olympic games-80,

World festival of youth and students-85,

The Third all-Union festival of folk art.

Marked premium knife from the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin "For merits in protection of interests of the Russian Federation".