"Bid +" (geopolitical joke in one act based on the works of A. P. Chekhov ) – dir. S. Stepanyan

"the Court is ..." (a documentary drama based on the play by P. Zeytuntsyan; "be upstanding in court!") – dir. – S. Stepanyan;

"Hey,anyone!..." (psychological drama based on the eponymous play by William Saroyan dir. S. Stepanyan;

"Wai, Wai, or voyage ... in Armenian!" (musical commotion on the verge of a nervous breakdown on the play by G. Ter-Aleksanyan "a pilgrimage to the Church of St. Gevorg in Teleti or Pictures of the old Tbilisi) — dir. S. Stepanyan;

"the human Voice"(psychological drama based on the eponymous play by Jean Cocteau) — dir. S. Stepanyan;

"Looking for your search" A. Wilson - dir. N. Eichhorn (Germany);

"Metanoia" ( altered consciousness, based on the medieval farce, "Lawyer Pierre Pathelin") – dir. A. Klimenko;

"8 women, man without ... happiness!" (the screenplay by F. Ozon's "8 women") – dir. N. Shakhbazov;

"Luys Marie. Ode to joy" (theatrical parable on the novel by E. porter "Pollyanna") – dir. A. Alferov,

Repertoire for children and teenagers:

"Mardi Gras", "the Tailless Fox", "the Revelers, always a great party", "Kids" - Hovhannes Tumanyan;

"Vacation center" ( an adventure in one act);

"the City where dreams come true"

Puppet shows for younger children:

"Three little pigs" by S. Mikhalkov. Director Shahen Ismailian;

"Red riding Hood" by Perrault. Director Shahen Ismailian.

Archival performances:

"Well, aunt!" (Comedy) Brandon Thomas. Director — Artur Dilanyan;

"don't hurt people..." Passing Show (worldview stories of Leonid Yengibarov). Director — Michael Specles;

"picnic" (panic absurd) Fernando Arrabal. Director — Vyacheslav Stepanyan;

"the Duel" (a drama based on the eponymous play by A. Rimowa). Director — Sayat abadjian;

"And the ark rested..." (show program). Director — Vyacheslav Stepanyan;

"the adventure of the Armenian hunters" (on the story by O. Tumanyan's "the liar Hunter"). Director -G. ghalechyan;

"the Princess and the pea" (musical fairy tale G. H. Andersen);

"the adventures of dunno in flower town". Director — Yana Patricka

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