kasting12"Casting" the play is a monologue about theater, about the fate of the actress, 12+

First, uncertain steps on the stage, Little acting and creative joy of victory ... the Envy of detractors... Love... betrayal... Bitterness of the Triumph of fame... And loneliness...

In the play the memories of the brightest and most dramatic pages in the life of the actress, interspersed with "footage" from the performances – fragments of plays; reflections on the greatness of art alternate with thoughts of the lowlands of human ambitions and passions...

the Performance that lies behind the terse phrase in the programme: actors and performers.

"Casting" is a white dance for the Actress, to which she invites the love of his life – His Majesty Theatre.

Director of photography – nick Kvizhinadze

Costumes – Anna Kotova

Sound – Tigran Stepanyan

actors and performers:

the Actress – Lira Ailarova

Mask – Alexey Samoilov, David Ambartsumian, Dmitry Pervushin

Duration 1hr 40 minutes with no intermission.

About the author

Kvizhinadze Nikolay (nick) Vladimirovich, Director, screenwriter, playwright

he was Born in the town of Rtishchevo of the Saratov region.

he Graduated from the Moscow energy Institute. Passed all stages of a newspaper journalist – from Intern to editor. Worked own correspondent of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (Tbilisi), Deputy chief editor of media holding "national" (G. Moscow).

Worked as a screenwriter and a Director on the Georgian television and film Studio "Georgia-film", was a writer and producer of television programs and documentaries, was the Creator and artistic Director of the Television of the youth experimental theater Studio, where he staged a number of productions, including plays by Shakespeare, Moliere, Pushkin, Chekhov.

And the Director and scriptwriter of the first international all-Union festival of TV films "Golden fleece".

In the years of perestroika was headed by the Caucasian Bureau of the American telecooperation representatives of wtn is "world television news" (Tbilisi). Organized and filmed a special military reports for the leading TV companies of the world from the "hot spots" — Abkhazia, Georgia, Nagorno Karabakh, Armenia, Azerbaijan, South Ossetia, Ingushetia, Chechnya.

As technical Director, launched from scratch a new TV channel "NTV-international" (G. Moscow), was one of the founders of the company NTV-KINO (Moscow), worked as assistant artistic Director and production Director of the theater "Monotone" (Moscow).

And the Director and scriptwriter of the documentary film "Forward, the Argonauts!", the film "a Disaster", etc.

Producer, Director and screenwriter of the seven series is about a young Stalin series "Stalin. To live" (genre: detective).

the Author and producer of plays, "Casting", "My lovely Ghost", "Mirror", "Lily and Daisy", "Cap", etc.

the author of the script of the TV movie series "Seven letters from a war" ("the Hospital").


The Diploma of the festival of national theatres "Moscow – city of peace" (Moscow, 2013).



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