8Ironic detective in 2 acts, 18+

Morning... Christmas Eve in a quiet estate near Paris. But... the Celebration marred. Killed the only man in the house.Who is to blame for such a tragic ending? 8 charming women who were fighting for their share of happiness...Or a man taking upon himself the tremendous burden of being affectionate and attentive with each of them?

In the fabric of mystery woven into the tragicomic situation and psychological portraits of characters.

Director – Nelly shakhbazova

set design – Andrius Maiminas

actors and performers:

Marseille — in its place could be any man, indifferent to the female sex.

Gaby (husband Marcel) – Viktoria Yaremenko

Augustine (sister Gaby) – Zita Badalyan

Grandma (mother Gaby) – Natalia Tuchkova

Anyway (eldest daughter Gaby) – Valery Boldyrev

Catherine (the youngest daughter of Gaby) – Daria Gaponenko

pierrette (sister of Marseille) – Lira Ailarova

Chanel (the governess) – Aida Karapetyan

Louise (the maid) – Sofia Torosian

It is Dmitry Pervushin



Moscow Armenian Theater

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