ishu lubimuu05Comedy-the manual for those who wish to find second half, 18+

Staging — Nelly Eichhorn (artistic Director of the Berlin theater "Theater am Alex Sommer" and the theater "Am Olgaeck" the city of Stuttgart)

Actors and performers:

She Is Zita Badalyan

Dima – Dmitry Pervushin

Before, men went in search of his beloved in distant lands, preparing for her, only to perform all the feats of the world. In our modern, rational age, everything became much easier. One has only to peruse the log and for Dating other secure, armed with all sorts of manuals on how to find a soul mate.

It is to this method uses our hero, Dima, abandoned and I can even say treacherously thrown by Vick. The Vic, which, on leaving, took with him to new life even shelf, jointly purchased at the IKEA store at River station.

And here, a sweet for every man's word – Svoboda!!! Yeah!!! But, so rapidly apostasise refrigerator, and overflowing basket of dirty Laundry!!! And, of course, most importantly, cold evenings alone.

And now, Dima again in search of! In search of a loved and loving! What kind of woman every man is looking for, and in our case our hero Dima?

A woman that will make your kitchen compact five-story building into a luxury restaurant, a bedroom, such that poor Dutch with their red lights do not even dreamed of, and while remaining chaste as morning dew, smart as all the wise men of the world and of course very very very beautiful blonde or maybe brunette? And maybe brown?

The viewer rapidly sweeps the gallery of female images. Girls, each of which is perfect, probably for someone, but... Oh, but... But it's so important to understand what is exactly your soul mate, your perfect woman. One of the girls chose our hero? In whose languid voice, he would find those unique notes, without which no flowers would bloom ... in a pot on the windowsill?..

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