predlojMarriage-a geopolitical joke in one act, 18+

Marriage-a geopolitical joke in one act based on the works of A. Chekhov, A. Pushkin, L. Filatov, Russian)

Nothing prevented the bachelor, lover of the poetry of Ivan Vasilyevich Lomov, to connect in a happy marriage with the daughter of a neighbor, a landlord, a retired General Chubukov, Natalya Stepanovna. Only, here's our indecisive Ivan... at last, it was a treasured moment! He at the feet of Natalya Stepanovna! His ears, already sound the wedding bells! But, there it was... a bone of contention are the Meadows, the earth, which, as is usual between neighbors, after so many years, everybody used to think their. How to overcome the disagreement between our heroes and what happens to them subsequently, you will learn by watching our merry musical performance.

Director – Vyacheslav Stepanyan

Costume designer – Nelly shakhbazova

Music by A. Spendiarov, Stepanian and Russian folk music

Cast: Dmitry Pervushin, Olga Vasilyeva, Arthur Danielyan, Zita Badalyan, Alex Samoilov




Diploma of Festival Avignon Le OFF 2015

From 14 to 26 July 2015, the theatre took part in the OFF program of the International theatre festival in Avignon.The performances took place in the Théâtre de l'ange by an Independent jury program OFF recognized our performance of "Une Demande De Mariage" best in category "Russian classics".

Awarded with 8 diplomas:

Slava Stepanyan "For best Director" of the play "Une Demande De Mariage"

Nelly Shahbazova "For adapting literary works for the theater" in the play "Une Demande De Mariage"

Dmitry Pervushin "best actor" in the play "Une Demande De Mariage"

Olga Vasilyeva "For the main female role" in the play "Une Demande De Mariage"

Artur Dilanyan "For outstanding interpretation of male image" in the play "Une Demande De Mariage"

Zita Badalyan "For the special interpretation of the female image" in the play "Une Demande De Mariage"

Alexey Samoilov "unusual For the embodiment of Chekhov's Russian soul" in the play "Une Demande De Mariage"

Tigran Stepanyan "For the unusual light and music" of the play "Une Demande De Mariage"

Moscow Armenian Theater

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