"I Remember myself as a little girl enrolled at the Central music school of the Moscow state Conservatory. Tchaikovsky superb teacher of piano A. A. Bakulov, who helped me to enter the wonderful world of music. Soon after his death, I enrolled in music school. Music. But at home.. loved to read novels and to imagine themselves as different characters — I Princess Mary, Bella, Luisa de Lavalier ...and then I realized that to continue to breathe the atmosphere of art surely I'll be in the theater. The theatre I saw the most marvellous world in which bubbling all the facets of human feelings.

And time goes by so quickly... In 2004 I graduated from the Institute of Economy and Culture on a speciality - the actress of drama theatre and cinema, the course of V. A. Litvinov

In 2004, I came to Moscow Armenian theatre under the direction of Fame Stepanian. So I opened the magic door to the world of theatre, where good always wins, where is the true life, in which my characters live, love, suffering and tears wash the soul.

Sometimes invited to act in films that I, with equal pleasure, and doing".


William Saroyan "Hey,anyone!..." — dir. S. Stepanyan, the role of the wife;

"Wai, Wai, or voyage ... in Armenian!" (the play by G. Ter-Aleksanyan "a pilgrimage to the Church of St. Gevorg in Teleti or Pictures of the old Tbilisi) — dir. S. Stepanyan, the role of Maya;

"the Court is ..." (on the play of P. Zeytuntsyan "be upstanding in court!") – dir. S. Stepanyan, the role of the wife of Talaat;

"Luys Marie. Ode to joy" (based on the novel by E. porter "Pollyanna") – dir. A. Alferov, role – Miss Marie;

"8 women, man without ... happiness!" (on the play of R. Toma "8 loving women") – dir. N. Shakhbazova, role – Luisa;

"don't hurt my man" (passing show on the novels of L. Yengibarov) – dir. M. Specles;

"Well, aunt!" (on the play by Brandon Thomas "Hello, I your aunt!") – dir. A. Dilanyan, role –Donna Rosa;

"the Princess and the pea" (musical fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen), the role of the Princess.

л по сказке Г.Х. Андерсена), роль – принцесса.

sofia torosyanMovie roles

2013 is the Last of the Magikyan :: Marineh tahatan

2013 Priceless love :: Nina (nurse)

2012 Wake up together? :: Polina (the artist)

2012 undercover :: Kira Cubanas

2012 Second revolt of Spartacus :: Vilena (the librarian in the squadron)

Porcelain wedding 2011 :: woman in labor

2011 a Taste of pomegranate :: daughter

2010 - 2011 Marusia (all seasons) :: Lala

2010 Joker :: Kate

2009 Village Comedy :: Zaza (Gypsy)

Gypsy love | 10-I a series of

truth 2008 :: Gayane

2007 One love of my soul :: main role :: Maria Raevskaya, in the future patisserie

2005 Ambulance-2 :: The girl from the bus

Bus | 2 series

2003 Commandos 2 :: Zulfiya

2003 the Assassination of | 4 series


The winner of the IV of the Slavic arts Forum "Golden knight"; the Golden diploma for his role in the play "the Meeting, on Solaris" (2013, Moscow);

The Winner of VI competition festival of national theaters "Moscow – city of peace" 2009;

Gold badge of the Moscow Armenian theatre p/R S. Stepanyan (2009, Moscow)