artur papoyan

Papoyan Arthur T.

Born 01.06.1991 g

Graduated from the international Slavic Institute named after G. R . Derzhavin. Acting Department.

Before the Institute played in the little theatre of the city of Zelenograd , Cyc, Vedogon.( M. Gorky "Makar Chudra" , the Bremen town musicians, the Mowgli ).

On the stage of the Institute: Teaching the Scriptures: Shakespeare-Otelo , Richard 3., Chekhov "the bear"., Ostrovsky - the busiest place, warm heart.

Involved in the performances: Alexander Chervinsky "the Paper gramophone".,Beaumarchais " crazy day or the marriage of Figaro ., Shakespeare "a Midsummer night's dream"., Alexander Vampilov's "farewell in June",Plastic performance"Seasons of life".

Work on the examinations in speech:V. restaurant opened "damned and killed" by Sergey Dovlatov "When we lived in the mountains",Poems by A. S. Pushkin.